About the awards

The International Pride Awards seeks to recognize the extraordinary endeavours of people around the world making significant contributions to LGBTIQ+ equality.

The 2024 award categories are:

Movement building in the face of hostility

Mobilizing for change and positively impacting LGBTIQ+ lives, despite a hostile and risky environment. (person or organization)

Celebrating Diverse Lives

Championing protection, freedom and equality for trans, gender diverse and intersex people. (person)

Emerging leader

Reimagining LGBTIQ+ liberation for a new generation. (person)

Lifelong pursuit of equality

Pioneering, enduring and far-reaching influence on equality progress. (person)

Extraordinary ally

Celebrating friends of our communities who are passionately enhancing freedom for others. (person)

How it works

Public nominations for the five categories are open now, and for the whole month of June 2024.

For detailed information about how you can nominate, as well as nominations criteria and who can nominate, please see our Nominations page.

The nominations will be verified by the International Pride Awards team, and all information on the forms checked to make sure that the criteria have been met. A long list of nominees for each category will be submitted to our Awards Committee for discussion and evaluation.

Provisional awardees for each category are then subject to a due diligence process.

The awardees will be announced live at a ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa on 13 November 2024, which will be part of ILGA World’s World Conference.

The Awards Committee

A diverse committee of 11 people from all over the world has been assembled by UNDP and ILGA World. They are all experienced champions of LGBTIQ+ rights and inclusion, working in a broad range of sectors.