Nominations for the 2024 International Pride Awards are now open and can be made via this website.  Nominations will close at the end of 30 June 2024 (24:00 midnight UTC).

In order to submit your nominations, you will need to register and create a simple profile on this website. You will also be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to the nomination Terms and Conditions.

We suggest you read through the information on this page carefully before registering to make your nomination.

Anyone who has witnessed, is aware of, or has benefited from, the LGBTIQ+ equality activities of the person or organization they intend to nominate for an International Pride Award. 

  • Change-making individuals and allies engaged in voluntary or paid LGBTIQ+ equality activities can be nominated in any category.
  • Organizations working for and with LGBTIQ+ people can only be nominated in the Movement building in the face of hostility category.

Movement building in the face of hostility
Mobilizing for change and positively impacting LGBTIQ+ lives, despite a hostile and risky environment. (person or organization)

Celebrating diverse lives
Championing protection, freedom and equality for trans, gender diverse and intersex people. (person)

Emerging leader
Reimagining LGBTIQ+ liberation for a new generation. (person)

Lifelong pursuit of equality
Pioneering, enduring and far-reaching influence on equality progress. (person)

Extraordinary ally
Celebrating friends of our communities who are passionately enhancing freedom for others. (person)

When the Awards Committee assess nominations, they will evaluate the impact and scale of the equality work of the person or organization nominated, as relevant to the description of the specific award category. They will also consider the general context of the activities, and be looking for prevention of harm, inclusion, innovation, societal influence, scalability of the work and that the following criteria are met:

  • The activities of the nominee must have positively impacted people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.
  • For the Celebrating diverse livescategory, the activities of the nominee must have positively impacted the lives of trans, gender diverse or intersex people.
  • Positively impacted can mean saving lives; reducing harm; providing support and creating safe spaces; changing attitudes, laws and regulations; creation or enhancement of protections; reducing inequalities (including financial, work, housing, in education, etc); reducing health care inequalities (mental and physical); improving visibility and freedom/equality of expression; creating equal rights to a family life for LGBTIQ+ people. (list not exhaustive)
  • The relevant activities of the nominee must have had a positive impact in the 12 months prior to 31 May 2024.
  • LGBTIQ+ equality activities do not have to be the sole focus of the nominee’s work.
  • The relevant activities of the nominee must be verifiable.
  • The person making a nomination must provide two independent referees, who consent to act as referees, and who may be contacted for further verification of the nominee’s activities. At least one referee should be prepared to give a reference from an organization (for example a donor, institution, organizational partner or body).
  • So far as the person making a nomination is aware, the nominee must not have a history of causing harm (mental or physical) to others (whether criminally or otherwise), and their actions should not be counter to the values and spirit of the International Pride Awards.

Please also note:

  • You do not need to nominate a person or an organization more than once. The number of nominations is not a factor when the Committee is considering awardees.
  • Individuals cannot nominate themselves, and cannot be nominated by a colleague, family member or partner.
  • Organizations cannot be nominated by an employee or volunteer from that organization, or from a contractor supplying them.
  • The following people cannot be nominated:
    • Current employees, volunteers, advisors or contractors working for any UN agency.
    • Current employees, Board members, volunteers or contractors working for any of the “regional ILGAs”, or ILGA World.
    • Current team members, volunteers or contractors working on the International Pride Awards project itself.
  • The following organizations cannot be nominated:
    • The UN or any of its agencies.
    • The “regional ILGAs”, or ILGA World.

Thank you for your interest in the International Pride Awards. We hope we can count on your support as we recognize LGBTIQ+ equality champions.